Saltford Festival 2017

The next Saltford Festival is planned for 9 days from Saturday June 10th - Sunday June 18th 2017. It has become a village wide, biennial event that has helped to raise money for the Community as well as for other charities. The festival provides opportunities for groups and individuals, to come together and to share the amazing diversity of talent and interests in the Saltford area and allows participation by every age group.

We are now looking for inspiration from as many people as possible. The programmes for the previous 3 festivals have been put together through incorporating new ideas with tried and tested old ideas and incorporating as many local organisations and individuals as is possible.

We are looking for members for a small co-ordination committee, leaders from various groups who will suggest and organise a group event, entrepreneurs, those with imagination and creativity, young people, older people, cooks, bottle washers, sign writers, carpenters, seamstresses........We are not asking for much!

Everybody has skills and to make this event memorable for everyone then the village needs your support.

Please come forward and share your thoughts. At this early stage there are 3 contact addresses

Saltford Hall 01225 874081
Chris Essex 01225 873878
Jill Williams 01225 872489